You can't see this, but I'm rolling my eyes and haven't stopped since I first learned what the internet thinks is Missouri's loneliest place. It is beyond ridiculous and I can prove it with personal experience and some science, too.

I'm not trying to say that 24/7 Wall St's "Loneliest City in Every State" is complete hogwash. Only the Missouri part is a load of bunk. Their methodology isn't completely unfair.  Here are the factors they used to decide this:

  • One-person households
  • Adults living alone out of adult civilian pop
  • 1-person household 65+ years
  • Monthly gross rent
  • Bachelor’s degree attainment rate
  • Median household income

So where did they determine is Missouri's loneliest place? Columbia (I'll wait a second so you can stop laughing before we continue)

Let's address the numbers. Does Columbia, Missouri have a lot of one-person households? Yes, they're students at Mizzou either in apartments or dorms. Are they lonely? HECK, NO. 

I lived in Columbia 38 years ago. I have many family members who went to Mizzou. Columbia might just be the least lonely place in Missouri. 

As the outcast, I wasn't invited to many parties, but it wasn't for a lack of options. There are also a multitude of things to do in and around Columbia and if you love sports, there are few places in Missouri that are better.

I could also point out that Columbia is almost exactly the same distance between St. Louis and Kansas City so travel to other fun places is close and easy.

Go stand in the corner, Internet. You completely got this "best of", "worst of"..."most lonely" list wrong when it comes to Missouri.

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