I've always considered porch lights just the thing that keeps me from falling down my steps at night. For many of my neighbors in Missouri though, they are a way to convey a message and the color matters. I've learned there's a truly heartbreaking reason why many make their porch lights gold.

Having lived in Missouri a vast majority of my life, I've seen gold porch lights fairly frequently and the reason is beyond sad. I've learned from several sites including Taste of Home, House Digest among others that gold porch lights have a somber meaning for many of my Missouri neighbors who display them.

The most common reason why many porch lights I've seen in Missouri are gold is because the family is conveying an awareness of childhood cancer. Sadly, that has affected multitudes and it seems like this tragic situation is becoming more common for Missouri families every day.

There is another possibility why you might see a gold porch light in Missouri though. 

I saw a conversation on Quora that mentioned there's a very practical and not sad reason why you might see a Missouri porch light that's gold. Gold is one color that many claim helps keep bugs away. I guess that's sad also...for mosquitos. 

Porch lights are a constant and interesting way to express feelings or sympathy for situations. Know that when you see gold porch lights in Missouri, you're being reminded that cancer victimizes more children than we'd like to think. Increasing awareness and hopefully inspiring efforts toward finding a cure are a great thing.

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