We are close to a week away to the election, and Fatbacks is giving voters a big incentive to get our and rock the vote.

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When you bring in your voting sicker on November 3rd, Fatbacks will reward you with a FREE Pulled Pork Sandwich. It's just a little incentive to get out and be heard. Voting in any election is a privilege, so make sure you are educated on what all the candidates are about and cast your vote. If you need some generic information about voting (nothing on candidates just general information) click here.

The free sandwich is available for one day only, and only when you bring in your voter sticker, limited to one per person. I love how businesses are not getting in on the election and giving voters more incentive to get our and let their voices be heard. If you know of any other businesses that are giving incentives to get people out to vote let us know.

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