Last week I mentioned on the air the birthday of a woman who turned 100 years old. I said to Sarah Deien, my morning co-host on Y101, "can you even imagine the things this woman has seen in her lifetime?"  A lot has changed since 1919. It got me to thinking about a few of the things that have changed over those 100 years. Some good, and some bad. That same day I saw a post on Facebook of a picture of a drive-in movie speaker on a post with the question of do you know what this is? Well, I did and maybe that is not good in that it shows my age. It also made me think about what people are missing theses days, like drive-in movie theatres.

It's too bad that most people at least 40 years of age and younger have never experienced what it was like to watch an outdoor movie on a huge screen with speakers next to your car. Apparently, there were several drive-in theatres in the Quincy area, but the last one I am aware that existed was the Summer Hill "Clark 54 Drive-in Theatre" in Pike County, Illinois.

My first time ever at a drive-in theatre came years ago when my cousin, along with his date, got stuck having to take me, my brother and my other cousin with him (boy, I bet that was fun for him). My aunt gave him the money for all of us to go but he, being 10 years older and of driving age, crammed the three of us into his trunk, paying for him and his date and pocketing the other money he got. Once in, we got to sit in the back of the car. He was not a happy person that night and I don't blame him at all.

The incident just made my drive-in theatre experience even more memorable. It's those memories that today's younger generation will never know unless perhaps someone opens a modern drive-in theatre in the future. Now there is an idea that just might fly!

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