Drive-in theaters in our area, how many of them do you remember?

I know of two in our area. One is still showing movies outside and one is not. The one that is showing movies semi-close to us is in Springfield, Illinois. It is called Route 66 Drive-In located 1 block south of I-72 in Springfield. The one that is close to where we live is -- or was until recently -- in Summer Hill, Illinois. It was called the Clark 54 Twin Pike Drive-In. A very small town who had a drive-in theater in its back yard. I have not heard of any body willing to get it back to where it used to be. It was a great place to watch movies and have fun. They even had a great concession stand where the food was fantastic. Oh, the good old days.

But the reason I brought up all of this was because I had heard a rumor and I saw in one of the local newspapers. The Palmyra Spectator reported that there had been interest from a local person in building a drive-in movie theater for the Hannibal area, but zoning issues may prevent that from happening. So we will see how it goes.

What about drive-ins that used to operate in the area? Where do you remember going to the drive-in?

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