Last Friday came and went without much awareness made of the fact that it was actually National Drive-In Movie Day. On the surface it doesn't appear to be the most monumental day of the year but in many ways maybe it should be. The drive-in movie theatre was a staple of Friday and Saturday nights in America. Millions of Americans would flock to their nearest outdoor theatre to see their favorite movie. Once there, they would find "their spot" and park the car and then pray that the speaker pole held a quality speaker on it.  If not, it was on to the next spot that had a better speaker.

I have been told that there were a couple of drive-in theatres in the immediate Quincy area. The theatre screen is still visible in West Quincy and the other one I believe was around 30th and Maine. Someone more knowledgeable than me will need to correct me if I am wrong with that statement.

The last outdoor drive-in theatre that I am aware of was in operation in this area was the drive-in theatre in Summer Hill, Illinois in Pike County.  It apparently closed after last summer's operation.

Few people cared what the movie was? You probably never watched the movie when you went years ago.  Just sayin!

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