Drive in theaters are hard to find these days, but you may be surprised that Quincy had one over 60 years ago.

It was called the Gem City Drive-In and was located at 300 S. 36th Street. The drive-in opened in 1953 and could hold 500 cars at a time. There was only one screen at the Gem City Drive-In, but that didn't seem to stop many movie goers from showing each week night.


The Drive-In was owned by the Kerasotes chain, and unfortunately in 1971 closed after 18 years of being in Quincy. The theater was demolished to make way for Quincy High School.

There was a second drive-in theater, which still has the screen and can been seen to this day. That location is in West Quincy, and the theater used to be called The Quincy Drive-In.

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