I was born and raised in Missouri, but life led me to move. A lot. That's apparently not unusual as a study shows the most popular cities that Missourians move to and there are 4 that stand out as surprises.

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When it comes to moving, there are few better resources than moving companies when it comes to data of who's moving where. Allied Van Lines has one of the most prominent annual reports that breaks down what cities Missouri residents are moving to most when life takes the out of the state.

Here are 4 major Missouri cities and the top moving destinations for each:

  • St. Louis residents move to Denver, Colorado most often
  • Springfield, Missouri residents move to Kansas City, Kansas
  • Joplin people go to Anderson, South Carolina
  • Columbia, Missouri people most often move to Washington, D.C.

The least surprising is the Springfield to Kansas City area movers. That makes sense. However, I did not expect Anderson, South Carolina or Washington, D.C. to be popular moving destinations for Missourians.

The Allied Van Lines report also names some other places where Missourians choose to call home when they leave the state such as Atlanta, Georgia and Dallas, Texas. Texas as a state is definitely trending up as an area many choose to move to.

In my case, it was always my career that led me to have to relocate. I never moved because a town or state was the most desirable. It just kind of worked out that way. I'm guessing that career is a determining factor for many when it comes to packing up the moving boxes. If you have the chance to voluntarily move where you want, you are blessed.

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