For me, being considered middle class would be a promotion. However, I was a little surprised by the number actually considered the minimum to be included in that financial group in Missouri. Spoiler Alert - it's likely higher than you think.

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There was a brand new study shared just days ago by Smart Asset regarding the definition of being middle class in America. They shared intricate data that nails down the official number you need to earn to be a "middle class citizen".

So, what's the middle class money number in Missouri?

According to the Smart Asset study, here are the numbers for Missouri cities:

  • Kansas City - $42,475
  • St. Louis - $33,477

Honestly, the St. Louis number is way lower than I expected. Have you tried living in St. Louis making just $33,000 per year? Pro Tip: Don't.

Check out the entire list of middle class definitions around the country. It is an interesting peek into how this income group is now defined in differing regions.

The city with the highest middle class money number? Fremont, California with $104,499. Keep being you, California. Yikes.

My final thought on this is wealth can be judged many ways. I'm not a fan of class wars and am happy for those that have done better than me and very aware there are many who have done worse.

Look at it this way. If you and your family are healthy and have enough food to eat and a roof over your head every night, you're "richer" than most other people in the world. A reason to be very thankful no matter what your paycheck says.

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