If you really want legalized weed in the state of Missouri or if you really don't want legalized weed in the state of Missouri, you need to get registered to vote in the upcoming November election.

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It's official, according to stltoday.com, that the legalization of marijuana in the Show-Me State of Missouri will be on the ballot in November. Voters in Missouri will have the power to make the decision on whether to legalize cannabis for recreational use or not, on the site they say...

"The question will appear on the ballot as Amendment 3 and will ask voters if adults 21 and older should be allowed to purchase, possess and consume marijuana "for personal use."...Sales would be taxed at 6%, with officials estimating the program could generate at least $40.8 million each year for state coffers, not factoring in program costs. Local governments could raise $14 million annually..."

To read more about the question of whether should marijuana become legal in Missouri on the November ballot click here!

I wrote an article just a couple of weeks ago showing how much money the state of Illinois is making off of legalized marijuana, you can read it for yourself by clicking here! I would say there are positives to legalizing if the money comes back to local city governments as it does here in Illinois, but as a person who lives in Illinois, I would prefer to see Missouri not legalize it, because that would cut into the profits we are making from Missourians who cross the river into Illinois to buy cannabis, but that is just being selfish...So, do you think Missouri should vote to legalize marijuana?

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