Professional UFO investigators decided to go to a hotspot in Missouri and attempt to summon an extraterrestrial. Their video shows that something seemed to answer when a red light appeared in the sky suddenly.

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This is not from a wanna-be YouTube channel. This brand new share from the Discover Channel shows what happened when investigators traveled to Clearwater Lake near Piedmont, Missouri. They planned to use lights to emit a signal hoping it would cause UFO activity. Spoiler Alert: IT DID. There were even strange happenings on the ground as something fled into the woods shortly after they arrived.

Discovery UK via YouTube
Discovery UK via YouTube

Shortly after they activated their lights, they saw a red light appear in the sky. Here's how the Discovery Channel investigators described it:

UFO investigators Chuck Zukowski, Daniel Zukowski, and Heather Taddy employ lights to attract extraterrestrial activity in Missouri. To their surprise, a red light emerges in the sky, displaying behavior inconsistent with airplanes, solidifying its classification as a UFO.

Notice the red light near the middle of the image.

Discovery UK via YouTube
Discovery UK via YouTube

Watch their short video showing exactly what happened as the UFO appeared on camera as they were filming.

Now you know why the Missouri Legislature recently made Piedmont, Missouri the official UFO capital of Missouri. It's just the modern day version of what many witnessed during the summer of 1973 that made this a UFO hotspot in Missouri. Something strange continues to happen above this part of the Show Me State.

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