It's one thing to say you're the UFO capital of Missouri, but it's yet another to have an official designation. Thanks to the Missouri legislature, one Missouri place now wears the exclusive crown as the UFO capital of the Show Me State. Be proud, Earthlings.

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In case you think this is just a figment of my imagination, LegisScan details Missouri bill HB1261 which says this:

Designates Piedmont as the UFO Capital of Missouri

Congratulations Piedmont, Missouri. You're now officially space cadets. Sort of.

You might recall that Piedmont is quite proud of their UFO heritage as they just had a 50th anniversary celebration with quite a few nuts enthusiasts in the UFO community. They even had a "Alien Abduction Dash 5K/Fun Run".

The Travel Channel actually featured Piedmont, Missouri in an episode that documented the 1973 Piedmonts Lights incident.

I'm seriously curious what type of things Piedmont, Missouri will now be capable of now that they are the official UFO capital of Missouri. Can they get state money to build a Close Encounter of the Third Kind landing strip? Hey, it's a serious question.

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