There are no alligators in Missouri. Hold on. Let me correct that. There aren't supposed to be any alligators in Missouri, yet a man in Wildwood did just that recently as a new video shows.

I saw this story first on Fox News. According to their report, Chris Suljack was mowing his yard when he saw something in a nearby creek. Chris captured video of what happened next.

Here's some backstory from the Fox News story about what Chris learned about this gator:

Suljack says he later learned the animal was actually a pet that belongs to one of his neighbors. The gator had apparently climbed over a fence and escaped from its owner’s property.

Ah, the old "gator escaped from the neighbor" scenario. Having grown up in Missouri, I'd like to say that is very unusual, but I can't.

If you look up "are alligators in Missouri", you'll see an article from Untamed Animals that says no. When they say "no", they're saying alligators aren't found natively in Missouri, but that's not accounting for what Missourians will potentially do with their free time.

Chris can be happy he found this gator in baby form before it became something out of a SyFy movie.

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