This will sound like a riddle that Batman would have to try and figure out, but I swear it's true and doable. Soon, you will be able to drive across Missouri in a truck even if you don't have a truck. Yes, an explanation is needed.

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Riddle me this, Batman. How can one drive a truck that one does not have? The answer is simple. #1 - You must have a computer. #2 - You must have a certain piece of entertainment software.

This is actually something new from one of my favorite computer games of all time, American Truck Simulator. They just announced an expansion that will allow you to drive all around the entire state of Missouri - virtually.

Isabella Vanelli via YouTube
Isabella Vanelli via YouTube

The description on Steam about this Missouri expansion is interesting:

Get ready for an epic trucking journey to Missouri in American Truck Simulator! Explore vibrant cities, including the iconic Saint Louis with its stunning Gateway Arch. Missouri's landscapes are diverse and beautiful, from the rolling Ozark hills to charming small towns and vast farmlands.

The listing goes on to say "This DLC isn't just a map expansion; it's an invitation to explore the beauty of Missouri. Gear up and hit the road—the heartland is calling, and it's ready to showcase its charm." Wait? We have charm? Who knew?

The other good news is this isn't an expensive game. The base game of American Truck Simulator is often on sale for as little as $4.99. The expansions normally cost around $11 or $12. Not bad for being able to virtually drive around the United States.

I have logged literally hundreds of hours into this pc game and cannot wait to drive through the Missouri I grew up in and live in now. There's no release date yet for the Missouri DLC for American Truck Simulator, but it should be available by this Spring.

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