Do you love trains? Do you also crave chocolate? You can combine both of those passions into one experience in Missouri. It's a scenic train that has a trip that allows you to eat all of the chocolate your heart desires.

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If you've never heard of the St. Louis Iron Mountain Railway in Jackson, Missouri, you need to get familiar. The official website says many of their passenger cars are 95 years old meaning you're gonna get a vintage railway experience.

How about all that chocolate?

The St. Louis Iron Mountain Railway offers many different type of theme rides. For example, in November they have done some Jesse James Gang Robbery trips. Then, in December, it converts into a Polar Express. But, several trips every year are what they describe as the Chocolate Express. It's a train trip that would certainly please Willy Wonka. It's located in Jackson, Missouri just north of Cape Girardeau.

One thing to know about the St. Louis Iron Mountain Railway is it's one of the only trains you'll ever find that is run by volunteers. If you're looking for a train where its people are passionate about the rail experience, it's this one.

I'm not sure how booked these train trips are, so it's best to check out the official St. Louis Iron Mountain Railway website for specifics and updates to their trip schedule. Just make sure your sweet tooth is ready for the ride.

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