The Trail of Tears is one of the saddest historic places in Missouri. It was also recently the scene of a strange encounter where a Missouri man claims 'something' stalked him and tried to take his life with a rock.

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This brand new account was shared just days ago by the Missouri YouTube channel Sasquatch Theory. The man named Troy from Chaffee, Missouri and the Cape Girardeau area said that he made a trip to the Trail of Tears near Jackson, Missouri. He noticed something strange from the beginning:

Troy: "Some years ago I went to the Trail of Tears outside of Cape Girardeau, Missouri where the overlook area is. I walked down an old pathway where I used to go with my dad...and overlook...near the Mississippi River. I saw police had an area off the old trail taped off as if a body had been there".

It was after this that Troy's adventure suddenly became dangerous when something had hurled a projectile at him from the woods nearby.

Troy: "I went in to look over the river. When I came out of the woods onto the pavement area, a fist-sized rock was thrown at me...right by the right side of my head...whoever threw that rock could have killed me".

Later he brought his girlfriend back to show her the area where the encounter happened. They both heard a wild whistle/howl from the woods unlike anything they had ever heard.

Listen to the telling of this interesting tale that starts around the 24 minute mark of the Sasquatch Theory video.

What tried to attack this guy on the Trail of Tears in Missouri? Why did the police have an area taped off and what made that awful sound they heard? So many questions and mysteries that lurk in the woods of this southeastern part of Missouri.

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