If you somehow missed the great total solar eclipse that crossed Missouri in August of 2017, you'll get another chance as one of the cities in the Show Me State is now one of the top 10 places to see the total solar eclipse in 2024.

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If you recall, the total solar eclipse of 2017 went directly across the state of Missouri which allowed many cities to be great viewing locations. April 8, 2024, the next great total solar eclipse will also have totality crossing Missouri albeit in a different direction.

Google, INEGI
Google, INEGI

Astronomy.com just named Cape Girardeau, Missouri as being a prime place to position yourself for a great viewing experience.

Why Cape Girardeau, Missouri?

It will begin right in the middle of the day in Cape Girardeau. Astronomy.com says the eclipse will begin there at 12:41:51 pm reaching totality at 2:00:21 pm and lasting for 4 minutes and 6 seconds. Easy access from I-55 is another reason why Cape Girardeau became a top recommendation for the great eclipse of 2024.

How can you safely view the total solar eclipse?

The National Park Service says you can do it safely if you're viewing "through special-purpose solar filters, like eclipse glasses or handheld solar viewers". It is safe to view the sun without a filter during the 4 minutes of totality, but you want to be careful to not look at the sun as it appears out of eclipse.

If you can't make it to Cape Girardeau on April 8, 2024, there are other recommended places in Indiana and Ohio.

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