There is no shortage of stories in Missouri of strange creatures that lurk in the woods. I found a new one where a southeast Missouri man claims he witnessed a 10-foot-tall something walk out of the woods in front of him.

This is a fascinating new interview from the YouTube channel Bigfoot Society. They interview a man named Mike Scott who tracked his creature encounter from years ago, but the one that grabbed my attention happened recently. He said he lives in the Cape Girardeau area of Missouri.

I'd recommend watching the full interview as Mike shares many different stories, but he begins by saying that he first became aware of creature stories in the American pacific northwest, but didn't really consider them possible in Missouri until he started seeing things near where he lived.

Mike Scott - "My first good sighting was in December of this year...and that's when everything you've has come to fruition where I'm sitting there looking in the eye of the sasquatch at about 40 mistake what you're looking at. We probably looked at each other for about 15 seconds...I never felt any fear".

He said that whatever walked out of the woods had to be about 10 feet tall as he's over 6 foot 5 inches tall himself and he described the creature as "about 3 of me".

If you're familiar with Cape Girardeau, Missouri, you know there are heavily-wooded areas north of the city. Mike mentioned strange things in the Little Egypt area of Illinois which is right across the river. He says it and I'll echo it. There are too many people seeing too many strange things for everyone to be lying or hallucinating. Something lurks in the woods of southeastern Missouri and southwestern Illinois. What is really is remains to be proven.

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