I want to be clear that I'm not judging. It's not like I'm a genius either. But, there is one Missouri place that just so happens to be the lowest-rated place to live in the state. It's so low it was given a D-. Been there, done that.

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The website that specializes in places to live, Niche, just released their 2023 best places to live in Missouri. Apparently, this place isn't that. Instead of looking at #1, I decided to go all the way to the bottom which took awhile. After a couple hours of scrolling, on page 88 (not exaggerating)...you'll find Cowan Township in Wayne County, Missouri.

What's the problem with Cowan Township, Missouri anyway?

Other than the fact that I can't prove that anyone actually lives there, Niche rated it a D- overall while the schools (or school) in the area only got a C+. That's basically my grade in Spanish class many years ago, but in city form.

This really is a kind of pretty part of Missouri with lots of trees and there is this old church located near their neck of the woods.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

Niche claims that 428 people call this part of Missouri home. I've driven through that part of Missouri before and you can't ask for more down home friendly folk than you'll find there. But, should you live there? Unless you're a remote worker who likes the Poplar Bluff area, probably not. It's not close enough to Cape Girardeau either. However, I do wonder if the regular way these place to live websites rate places really doesn't apply here? If you're looking for remote country living and don't care about amenities, perhaps Cowan Township, Missouri is your ideal place. Or, maybe not.

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