There are some mysteries that we'll never solve. I thought one of them is the law in Missouri that made it illegal to drive with an uncaged bear. That mystery may be solved though based on some new information I've just located.

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If you're not familiar with this obscure but apparently necessary law in Missouri, it is highly illegal to cruise down a road in the Show Me State with a bear not in a cage. That's a fact and I can only imagine how fun this law is for police to enforce. Would you like to be a police officer approaching a car with a bear loose? Not me. But, I digress.

I just saw this story shared on the Missouri sub-Reddit showing a traveling entertainer in Hermann, Missouri with his pet bear.

Traveling Bear with its owner in Hermann
byu/como365 inmissouri

One of the first comments mentioned exactly what I was thinking. Perhaps this is the event that caused Missouri to enact a law requiring all bears in vehicles to be caged. That's somewhat disappointing as I can only imagine how entertaining it would be to go through a drive-thru asking for your fries to be super-sized for the hungry bear in the passenger seat. Hey, it could (and probably in Missouri did) happen.

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