It's that time of year when you need to pay special attention to what's on the road in front of you in Missouri. New dashcam video shows a Missouri driver who was shocked when a bear bolted across the road ahead of him.

This recent video was shared by Ozark Traditions TV on YouTube about a month ago, but I just came across it today. Here's how they described what you'll see:

"OTTV team member Matt Smith, was headed to work and was surprised to see a black bear running from the road ditch on N Highway in Laclede County Missouri. Dash cam footage."

They're not wrong. This is definitely a bear or a large dog with an identity crisis.

If you're not familiar with Laclede County, Missouri, it's a very heavily-wooded part of the state where bears definitely have made a habitat. If you've vacationed in the Lebanon area, you've been to Laclede County.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

Good thing that driver was bear aware. Just never know what large apex predator might be on the same Missouri road as you these days.

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