It's no secret there are some strange laws in Missouri, but this might be the weirdest of them all. There is one activity that is completely illegal to do with a bear and the fact that there's a law against it means it's happened at least once.

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This fun random fact ended up on my radar when I happened upon an article about crazy Missouri laws on Only In Your State. #1 on their list was this juicy Missouri no-no:

In Missouri, it is illegal to drive with an uncaged bear.

I immediately knew I had to know more. I never rely on just once source when I find something insane like this. That led me to an article on the Olivet Nazarene University website confirming this driving with an uncaged bear thing is really a Missouri law.

An attorney in Tucson confirms the "no driving with an uncaged bear" law, but found a loophole if this restriction is cramping your Missouri driving style. They add the following:

If you happen to own a bear cage, you can transport bears wherever you like within the state of Missouri.

Brilliant. I love having options.

Back to my original theory about the fact that there's a law against it means it's happened at least once. I Googled it (for your own sake, don't) and could not find a documented episode where Billy Bob said "hey that bear over there needs a ride, let's pick him up".

One other Missouri bear fact (and you can read the law yourself) is it's illegal to wrestle a bear after you've given it a ride. Dang.

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