I don't want to be the old man on the porch constantly complaining about why things have to change and wishing we could go back 30 years to "the good times", but there's a new proposal in Illinois that wants to ban gas-powered vehicles by the year 2035 and I'm grumpy about it.

I saw this news shared by The Chicago Sun-Times about a proposal in Illinois that would make gas-powered vehicles like the hula-hoop and dinosaurs. The entire article is worth the read, but the short version of what they're talking about is this. New vehicle sales of gas-powered vehicles would be forbidden fruit, but you could still buy pre-owned/used gas-powered vehicles.

Prediction: a huge uptick of used vehicle sales in the year 2035 in Illinois. 

I saw one key phrase that immediately told me that I wouldn't like this idea and that phrase is "modeled after California". I have lots (or at least a few) California friends and family, but there's a reason why more people are leaving that state than any other.

Here's a question for the geniuses that want to ban gas-powered vehicles. Can you guarantee that electric vehicles will be more affordable by 2035? As of now, they're not. There's also that tiny technological hurdle like how EV's deal with cold weather in Illinois. Some don't do well with extreme heat either.

I realize that technology will and needs to move things forward. I'm not against electric vehicles, but I hate when things like this get mandated instead of letting the public vote with their wallets.

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