There are so many options when I deiced to go out for lunch/dinner. I have noticed that there are several restaurants that I have never eaten at. After looking around I have decided to make a restaurant bucket list, you might be surprised which restaurants are on the list.

I have lived in the Midwest for almost 26 years, and there are some local restaurants that I have never been at. This year I am changing that with my restaurant bucket list. Let's start in Missouri.

This year in Hannibal I want to go to Mark Twain Dinette. I have never been, and I love mom and pop type dinettes, so it's on my list. Next, the Brick Oven! Who doesn't love pizza, bread sticks, and wine (or beer if you prefer)? Big Muddy BBQ looks so yummy, who doesn't like getting a little messy every now and then?

The Patio - Quincy, Illinois
The Patio - Quincy, Illinois

In Quincy, I really want to try 2thirty4 Restaurant. I have heard that food is amazing, why wouldn't I want to try this? The Maine Course, again I have heard wonderful things about. My husband and I rarely get time without the kiddos, we might have to go here for a nice, quiet dinner. Next on the list: The Patio. I have lived in Quincy for 15 years and I have never been to the Patio. I drive by almost every day and it's almost always busy, especially for Easter and Mother's Day. Might have to make a reservation this year for Mother's Day!

When I am in the mode for a drive and want to try something different, the Hawkeye Restaurant in Keokuk is where I will be. I have heard their steaks are AMAZING!!!! My husband and I love a good brew and local food, so I really want to go to Beef, Bread, and Brew in Keokuk. Daily lunch specials and dinner specials, make this restaurant  a must visit for me.

I will keep you all updated on my list, and if you think there is one I need to visit let me know!


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