Since we all have a bit of some time on our hands lately, one company wants to pay you to watch all the Harry Potter movies, and the two Fantastic Beast movies.

We all could use some extra cash, and if all I have to do is binge watch a movie franchise, sign me up. wants to pay a few fans of Harry Potter $1,000 to binge watch the franchise, but (there’s always a but right) there are a few things you have to just other then watch the movies.

They looking for people who are active on social media to post throughout watching the movies, they are asking people to live-stream and live-tweet your movie experience. You must be 18 years or older to apply, and of course be very active on social media.

If you are selected, just simply have the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beast movies, grab your favorite snack, and your phone, and watch away. After you've watched the entire series you will be asked to rate each movie and post it online. That's 10 movies, over 25 hours, over 1,400 minutes, that comes out to $41.50/hr., not bad for $1,000

Interested? Apply here!




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