I've never heard of or had bubble tea, but it's all the rage apparently. The brand that was just named the fastest-growing in Illinois is in the process of perfecting bubble tea and it's helped them expand in the Land of Lincoln quickly.

If you had to guess what the fastest-growing brand in Illinois, what genre would you pick? If you said 'bubble tea', you're much more in fashion than I am. 24/7 Wall St just named the fastest-growing brand in each state and Illinois' #1 pick is a place I've never heard of, but they are about to open their 14th location if I'm understanding their map correctly. It's Kung Fu Tea.

Infographic, Kung Fu Tea
Infographic, Kung Fu Tea

The map shows that Kung Fu Tea has 10 locations in the Chicagoland area, 2 in Champaign, 1 in Peoria and another about to open in Rockford, Illinois.

Their website says they have been called the "Starbucks of Bubble Tea". Being called the Starbucks of anything is probably a compliment.

If you're curious, Scooter’s Coffee, Olive Garden and Culver’s were the runner-ups in the fastest-growing brand in Illinois unofficial competition.

One of the more interesting menu items I saw on the Kung Fu Tea menu was the Cocoa Cream Wow and that last word seems appropriate.

It figures that the fastest-growing brand in Illinois is one I've never heard of. I really should get out of the house more often I suppose.

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