When the "Bucket List" movie came out a few years ago, it became fashionable for people to come up with their own "bucket list" of things to do before they ran out of time and air, so to speak. I must admit I was one of those people.

I am sure my list was not as lengthy as most others. But I do have one question. What happens after you have crossed off everything on your "bucket list"? Do you all of a sudden 'kick the bucket'? Oh my, maybe that's why everyone I know has a long "bucket list".  What was I thinking?  I only put down a few things on my list.

Excuse me while I check my pulse. Good, it is still ticking. My list recently had dwindled down to two items left.  One was to see the Space Shuttle lift off which I saw a few years ago in Florida and the other was to see Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota which I did two years ago.

So now what? Can I make more than one list? Is that allowed? Oh that's way too many questions for somebody who is about to 'kick the bucket'. I don't have enough time to even answer my own questions. I should have added one more item to my list. Get rid of the bucket!

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