You may be asking "Why is Thanksgiving so late this year?" Thanksgiving is November 28 this year which is the last Thursday of the month.  Thanksgiving originally fell on the last Thursday of the month all the time. Ever since 1863, when Abraham Lincoln established the last Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day in the United States, the U.S had celebrated the day later in the month.

That all changed thanks to the Great Depression. In 1939 then President Franklin D. Roosevelt moved the holiday from November 30 to November 23 in an effort to add an additional holiday shopping weekend to boost sales in the country to help us get out of the depression. There was opposition to the change as several states refused to move the date and began calling it “Franksgiving” instead.

In 1941, Congress finally stepped in and officially settled the debate by establishing Thanksgiving Day to be held on the fourth Thursday of November.

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