One of the benefits of being Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes other than having multiple Super Bowl trophies on your mantle is having the ability to have many homes. You can see inside all of his Missouri places and even his infamous shoe closet.

It's well-documented that Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany bought a rather simple $2 million dollar home in Kansas City shortly after he signed his first contract. After his record-setting extension, they sold that original home and moved into a custom-built home with its own football field in the Loch Lloyd area of Kansas City. Oh, and Patrick also recently sold a condo in Kansas City, too. Here's a look inside of all of them beginning with the first and ending with the current residence for Patrick and his family.

Patrick Mahomes Missouri Home Now Available in Kansas City

Gallery Credit: Paige Buechele, Cami Jones & Co, ReeceNichols - Leawood,

See Inside Patrick Mahomes Ritzy Kansas City Condo

Gallery Credit: Reece Nichols Real Estate,

A New Look Inside Patrick Mahomes New Extravagant Missouri Estate

Gallery Credit: Chris Degenhardt/Gridiron Heroes via YouTube

As an added Patrick Mahomes bonus, here's a look inside his shoe closet from the first home.

Inside Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Insane Shoe Closet

Gallery Credit: Bleacher Report via YouTube

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