I demand a recount. A new internet ranking based on customer votes claims the fast food chain that's most expensive has 107 Missouri locations. It's true that there are 107 of their eateries in Missouri, but I disagree with the most expensive part.

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This ranking is not mine and I want to be clear that I don't agree with it either. Mashed recently ranked the most expensive fast food chains in America and the one they claim is #1 is questionable. Without peeking, which fast food place in Missouri would you say is most expensive. If you're like me, you won't agree with their #1.

Does the phrase "Where's the Beef?" ring a bell to you?

According to Mashed (and not me), the most expensive fast food chain is Wendy's. I think I know what's going on here, but before I reveal my theory, let's begin with some facts. Wendy's website says they have 107 locations in Missouri. I've probably visited half of them in my lifetime. I have never found them to be any more expensive than other fast food places and I prefer their burgers, too for what that's worth.

Here's my theory...were they sampling average costs of fast food places in California? Yes, all food is more expensive there and if that's where they were gauging costs, that's why this list looks so "off" to me.

Give me a Frosty any day of the week and I'm happy.

Check out the full Mashed rundown and see if you agree with their fast food conclusions. I do not.

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