Mosquitos are a constant threat during the warm weather months in Missouri. They're also more dangerous than you think sometimes carrying a multitude of diseases. Did you know there are certain colors that experts say will either attract or repel them?

I love the fact that we've had a mild winter and temperatures are way warmer than normal. The downside is that will likely mean we'll have evil mosquitos back attacking our skin in Missouri sooner rather than later. Bah humbug. 

The bug experts at Terminix have some fashion tips to make yourself a less likely target for gnarly Missouri mosquitos. Here are some mosquito fashion pro tips.

What clothes should you not wear in Missouri to avoid mosquitos?

The word is that dark colors can help mosquitos see you better. The examples they give of BAD mosquito attraction colors are red, black and navy blue.

What clothes should you wear to make yourself less easy for mosquitos to see?

When you wear light colors, you're less visible (apparently) to mosquitos in Missouri. Think pastels like the guys in Miami Vice.

They add that there are other factors that can either attract or repel Missouri mosquitos including body odor and moisture. The good thing about light colored clothing is it can also be cooler and make you sweat less. It's a win-win in the Missouri mosquito battle.

Who knew that these awful Missouri bugs have fashion preferences? The more you know, the more you know.

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