If you're seeking the most frightening places in Missouri, you'll often hear about a theater in Springfield where numerous stories say it's one of the most haunted places in the state. One worker at that theater didn't believe in ghosts until something strange happened late one night.

Ranker says that the Landers Theater is a hotbed for paranormal activity. They mentioned a testimony by Chuck Rogers, the stage designer and co-technical director for the theater who was not a believer back in the 1980's when he first began work there. KSMU talked to Chuck who shared some interesting experiences including some that were real and another that was not.

Springfield Little Theater via YouTube
Springfield Little Theater via YouTube

According to Chuck, he had heard many stories about ghosts in the Landers Theater in Springfield, Missouri. He thought they were silly and people's imaginations running away with themselves so he decided to make up his own tale. His attitude changed late one night when he was in the theater by himself though.

According to the interview that KSMU shared with Chuck Rogers, he was closing up the theater late one night when he saw someone in the lobby. He thought it was odd because he had already locked the doors and didn't understand how anyone could have entered. He approached the figure and told them the theater was closed, but the entity ignored him and entered the theater. Chuck followed, but as he entered the theater, whatever it was had disappeared. He was now a believer.

The Springfield Little Theater used to offer ghost tours of the facility. I'm not sure if that's still offered as I can't locate it on their official site. Regardless, the paranormal stories continue to be shared out of what might be one of the most haunted places in Missouri.

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