No, St. Louis will not be bringing raptors into the Gateway City to help fight crime, but I'd love to watch if they did. There are dinosaurs incoming to the big city in June that you can see though.

Allow me an idea, if you would. Saint Louis has an obvious problem with crime with all the "murder capital" talk. There are dinosaurs coming to Saint Louis in June. Why not combine the two issues into one solution?

I'm guessing the Science Center in St. Louis is not OK with me borrowing their dinosaurs for a few hours that are going to be part of a huge exhibit staring June 8.

My understanding is SUE: The T-Rex Experience is an elaborate display. It features the world's largest T-Rex fossil.

The Science Center says on their official website that you can "Meet Sue in the Lous". Get it? The exhibit will feature "full-scale casts of SUE and T. rex’s nemesis, Triceratops" according to The Science Center. They go on to say that Sue can't wait to eat meet you in June which is a bit concerning.

Now back to my idea of having dinosaurs enlisted to fight crime in St. Louis, Missouri. Guessing the gang activity would be greatly lessened if we put a bit more teeth into the enforcement, don't you think?

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