I am without words. OK, so I have a few, but my point is I'm still recovering from the shock of seeing a Missouri place named a top 5 emerging housing market when it's rare to hear anything positive said about it at all.

First of all, I want to be clear that I am a fan of this Missouri place. I seriously considered moving my family there at one point in recent years and still think it's a great part of the state to call home. That being said, there's no denying that the narrative about this city in Missouri is normally anything but positive. That changes today. 

The Wall Street Journal and Realtor.com just dropped their new spring 2024 top emerging housing markets and look who ended up in the top 5.

Infographic, WSJ/Realtor.com
Infographic, WSJ/Realtor.com

Springfield, Missouri a top emerging housing market in America? Who knew?

It's hard to argue with the data that WSJ and Realtor shared. Affordable homes and really low unemployment is a great combination. Does Springfield, Missouri have a crime problem and other challenges? Absolutely, but what cities that size don't?

This is they typical type of video you'll see shared when it comes to housing in Springfield, Missouri.

I would argue that the southwestern part of Missouri is the best part of the state. Seeing positive housing data like the one Wall Street Journal and Realtor just shared will help tell that story even better.

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