A lot of things get done in Washington.  Some get the headlines and others get swept under the rug. One such piece of information came from a recent House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that approved a plan to phase out door to door delivery of mail.  The proposal is to move closer to cluster boxes and curbside delivery instead of the way it is now, door to door.

The tentative date for this is 2022 under a proposal that Congress is considering.  According to Representative Darrell Issa a Republican from California and the chairman for the committee, this potential move will save the U.S. Postal Service some $4.5 billion a year.

Right now some 30 million people receive their mail at their mailboxes at their door or mail slot.  Another 87 million get theirs receive curbside or cluster box delivery.  The plan also has provisions for handicapped people to still receive their mail at their door.

The Postal Service financial dilemma stems directly to the lack of mail volume plus a congressional requirement that they make advance payment into a retirement plan for future retirees of the system.

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