The more stories I read the more I have become convinced that people are getting increasing more ridiculous. Here are a few examples of stories I came across recently.

1..The U.S. Postal Service is losing money big time and has been for years.  Recently, the Postmaster General announced a cost saving measure of discontinuing Saturday delivery of mail. The uproar from the populace was minimal, but now comes word that Congress has overruled that decision and cancelled that plan indefinitely. Here the Postal Service is trying to save money and Congress steps all over themselves again. Big surprise!

2..One of the more popular donut places in America is Dunkin Donuts. Recently they decided to feature in some of their stores a donut sandwich. That's right, a donut sandwich. What's it gonna be, a donut or a sandwich ? It can't be both can it? Actually, this glazed donut will be stuffed with eggs and bacon. Personally, I like bacon and eggs but not stuffed in a donut. Go stuff a donut with jelly.

3..There is a study out conducted by VitalSmarts that found that people using social media are ruder than people who don't use it. Wow, there's a revelation. Apparently, it is a lot easier to tell somebody off by typing the words than verbally doing so to their face. There's no risk of getting your nose broken by typing it. So much for saying it like it is.  Now we just type it like it is.

4...I have saved the best for last. A new poll is out from Oxygen Media on people who are dating.  It suggests that women do not like dating men who have body odor. Really? What a surprise! That same poll also says that men do not like dating women with mustaches.  Are you kidding me?  I had no idea! Tell me something I don't know! This organization who conducted the poll should be embarrassed by revealing this information. The researchers involved should be proud of themselves for coming up with these results.  And they are getting paid for this stuff.


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