For Kansas City Chiefs fans in the Hannibal-Quincy area, I bring you great news.The radio rights to broadcast the Kansas City Chiefs for the 2014 season have been secured by AM-10-70 KHMO Radio in Hannibal. The first broadcast of Chiefs football on the station can be heard tomorrow night as the Chiefs play a pre-season game at Green Bay against the Packers.

Mitch Holtus and Len Dawson will provide the play-by-play and color with Kendall Gammon on the sideline. The goal is to broadcast all of the games on KHMO, but due to a conflict with Cardinal Baseball the season opening game with Tennessee will not be carried.

The games on September 14 and 21 will be joined in progress, again due to Cardinal baseball coverage on the station. The rest of the schedule will feature complete game coverage pending any post-season baseball coverage of the Redbirds.

I mentioned the coming of Chiefs Football on my Facebook page last week and was met with a response of "It's about time!"  I agree!

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