I think the term, "friends with benefits" has a different meaning depending on your age range.  Certainly a friend with benefits has a different connotation for someone in their 20's than it does for someone in their 50's.  The notion occurred to me when my co-worker Harold Smith across the hall at our sister station KHMO presented me with a carton of fresh-picked strawberries.  Now that's my kind of friend with benefits!

In my 30's, friends with benefits were my friends who had swimming pools.  I could take the kids over for a dip without the hassle of having to pack up a bunch of stuff.  More importantly, I didn't have to take care of the daily maintenance that a pool requires.

In my 40's, my definition of a friend with benefits expanded to friends who had vacation homes.  Lake houses are the best, as long as they're not your own.  All the fun with none of the upkeep.

Today, my gardener friendships are the ones that reap the best rewards.  Gardens just aren't my thing, and they're a lot of work.  Nothing says I love you like some zucchini left on your front porch.

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