How about "them" Chiefs?  The Kansas City Chiefs, after a fabulous regular season, stood tall and shut down one of the hottest teams in the National Football League in the Indianapolis Colts Saturday in snowy Kansas City. Things don't get any easier for the Chiefs as they host Tom Brady and the New England Patriots at Arrowhead Stadium Sunday.

With clear skies expected Sunday the 5:40 game time temperature is expected to be around 10 to 15 degrees. Some 70-thousand Chiefs fans will brave the elements to root on their team Sunday regardless of the weather.

Tickets will be hard to come by.  For me, it's my recliner with KICK-FM Radio (sound on) and the TV on (sound off) and Chief's announcer Mitch Holtus' voice blasting out of my radio with hopefully about 5 or 6 "TOUCH--DOWN.....KAN..SAS  CITY" calls made. Ah, all will be well except that's NOT going to happen.

Due to contractual agreement, only the flag-ship station, which is KCFX in Kansas City, will broadcast the game with the Chiefs' announcers. Westwood One Radio has the rights to the radio broadcast of the game for the rest of the radio world meaning no signature "TOUCH...DOWN......KAN....SAS.....CITY" calls will be heard from Mitch Holtus Sunday unless you listen to KCFX in Kansas City.

A contract is a contract, but this just doesn't seem fair that when the most important game of the year is upon us millions of Chiefs' fans on the Chiefs Radio Network won't get to hear Mitch Holtus this Sunday.  Maybe it is time for a Chiefs' Kingdom uprising!!!

Go Chiefs!

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