A new $350 million family resort in the Lake of the Ozarks just got the final approval to start construction as soon as possible.

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KY3 reports that after a City of Osage Beach board meeting alderman gave their final approval for developers to move forward with the $350 million family resort construction. The new park will be 20 acres of hotels, rides, restaurants, a boardwalk, and more. Oh, did I mention the 200-foot-tall Ferris Wheel? Yup, it's going to have that too. It really will be a family destination place and the best part, it will be open year-round. The new park will be called "Oasis at the Lake."

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The ground will be broken here within the next couple of weeks with the hope to have the entertainment resort open sometime in 2024. This really will bring many to the Lake of the Ozarks area and even more families. I have been to the lake only once and it seemed to be focused on adults, now the whole family can come down to the lake and enjoy the new family resort.

Depending on when this opens in the first couple of years I can imagine this place is going to be super busy. Might be a few years before we go, but I defiantly want to check this place out once it's fully open and ready for business.

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