It's an all-but-forgotten cemetery in the northwestern corner of Missouri. Yet, the legend regarding it has many believing that this 122-year-old ground is "scarier than the Stanley Hotel".

Have you ever heard of the Workman Chapel Cemetery in Burlington Junction, Missouri? It's located north of Maryville, Missouri out in the middle of nowhere not that far from the Iowa border.

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It's when you dig into the history of this place that you see that the locals (and paranormal investigators) consider it very very haunted. Mysterious Universe says it was built by a pastor in 1901. Among the stories told include "a preacher stabbed to death a woman in a white dress and hid the murder weapon beneath the floorboards. A woman was hanged from one of the great, old trees".

Many people have visited there, but very few brave the area at night...for a reason.

Witnesses have reported seeing ghostly images of Civil War soldiers in the area. There are even stories of a screaming lumberjack. The stories about this place have reached nationwide. The Miami Ghost Chronicles talk about visitors hearing horses (that are not there). They also shared the tale of some college kids who planned on taking some freshmen girls to the cemetery to scare them by leaving them behind for 15 minutes and returning. Unintentionally, they left one of their friends behind, too. When they went back to pick them up, their friend was upset and wanted to know who else was in the cemetery as he heard someone (or something) jumping up and down on the headstones.

Mysterious Universe said the Workman Chapel Cemetery is considered "more haunted than the Stanley Hotel and creepier than the Waverly Hills Sanatorium". No one can determine what still walks those grounds, but they advise to never go there at night.

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