If you think we look good from the ground, you should see us from space. I've found more than a dozen pics taken by astronauts that are a gentle reminder of how pretty Missouri and Illinois really are - from above.

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I've always been told that life is a matter of perspective. If your perspective of life in the Midwest is negative, perhaps you just need a new viewpoint. NASA has an online archive of all the pics (that aren't classified) taken by astronauts aboard the International Space Station. I've chosen 16 that are interesting perspectives on how our land looks from thousands of feet overhead.

8 Pics of Hannibal and Quincy Taken by Astronauts in Space

New Astronaut Pictures of Missouri from the ISS

For reference, according to the official NASA website, these photos were taken during different missions going as far back as 1973 and as recent as 6 years ago. It's a captivating view of what our life looks like showing just how...small we are.

Thinking out loud here, but maybe the problems we think are big maybe aren't that big after all sometimes? It's sometimes just a matter of perspective.

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