If you'd like one of the most unique day trips you can imagine, there is a cave that Missouri outlaw Jesse James once hid in and you can hike to it.

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Ever heard of Robbers Cave State Park? There's a reason it has that name. If you cruise across Missouri, it's located just a bit southwest across the border in Oklahoma. The iExplore website describes this place when it says "Pretend You’re an Outlaw with Jesse James at Robbers Cave State Park". That's because it's widely believed that Jesse James and his gang hid out in a cave that's along the hiking trail inside Robber's Cave State Park.

The official Robbers Cave State Park website says it wasn't just Jesse James who frequented here. Notorious outlaws like "the Youngers, Daltons, Rufus Buck Gang, Jesse James and even Belle Starr utilizing the area’s natural amenities as a place to cool their heels from the long arm of frontier justice."

This guy documented how you can hike to the cave where Jesse and his gang hid from the law.

The drive from the Hannibal/Quincy area is less than 8 hours which makes it a weekend trip option if you're up for a bit of wild west adventure that has a nice payoff at the end of it. No Jesse James bank holdup pun intended.

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Jesse James Farm in Kearney, Missouri

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