With the hot summer days upon us, it's not only important to take care of yourself, but your four-legged friends too.

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Nothing makes me more upset than seeing a dog in a hot, steamy car with the windows up when it's over 100 degrees outside. I've seen it so many times, and have reported it on several occasions. However, did you know that if you see an animal in a hot car in Illinois, it is illegal to break the window (even if your intentions are good)?

According to aldf.org, there are only three states that have a "Good Samaritan" Law that permit breaking car windows to save an animal locked inside. Those states are Wisconsin, Florida, and Tennessee. In Illinois, only law enforcement or humane officer can legally break into a car to rescue an animal.

As mad and upset as you would be seeing a dog locked in a car, just remember as much as you want to help, do not break the window. So what can you do if you come across an animal that needs help:

  1. Call the authorities
  2. If you can, stay with the animal until someone comes and helps
  3. If you have to leave, take a picture of the license plate and turn it into the authorities.

In time, I see these laws changing (not fast enough), but I hope that people will just leave their dogs at home knowing they will be in the store for a long time. I never understood what's the point of bringing your dog with you if you can't bring them into the store?

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To prepare yourself for a potential incident, always keep your vet's phone number handy, along with an after-hours clinic you can call in an emergency. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center also has a hotline you can call at (888) 426-4435 for advice.

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