I am embarrassed to admit that this surprised me. A new study claims that Illinois and Missouri households are among the cleanest in America. Had no clue we were considered tidy.

I saw this story on Patch. It explained that Illinois had landed in the top 5 for cleanest households. It failed to mention that Missouri also made the top 10. It's all based off of a study done by The Waycroft. They researched "household cleanliness habits across the United States".

When I see rankings like this, my first question is how did they come up with their conclusion. According to The Waycroft, this is their methodology:

To find out where homes and apartments sparkle the most and where they remain in squalid disarray, we surveyed over 900 Americans, including at least 30 in every state. We asked them to rate their own cleaning habits on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the dirtiest and 5 being the cleanest.

Check out how both Illinois and Missouri ended up in the top 10.

The Waycroft
The Waycroft

The categories they broke down for cleanliness made me laugh:

Unkempt neglect
Moderate dinginess
Casual inattention
Ordinary tidiness
Orderly spotlessness

That sounds like an apartment I had on 12th street about 20 years ago. (*rim shot*)

A staggering 25% of people claim that their homes are always clean. Who are these people? Answer: people who don't have children. That's who they are.

What about the dirty states? Oregon and Alaska are allegedly among the worst. People in Alaska are trying to fight off the bears and don't have time for cleaning I suppose.

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