Perspective matters. There's a new graphic that compares the size of the land of Israel compared to Missouri and it's startling to say the least.

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There's a new map shared by a user on the Missouri sub-Reddit. It appears the person who made this might be from Columbia, Missouri based on the username. They've used a public domain map creator to show just how small the nation of Israel is compared to the state of Missouri. Take a look at this.

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As war rages between the terrorist groups and Israel, this will give you a local perspective on the small amount of land they're really having to defend. The West Bank fitting into an area small enough to barely cover the distance between Jefferson City and Columbia is hard to fathom.

If you're having a hard time seeing the embed from Reddit, here's a larger version of it.

Infographic, u/como365 via Reddit
Infographic, u/como365 via Reddit

I'm normally not a political person, but it's hard to be quiet when parts of the world condemn Israel after they were the ones who were attacked by Hamas first. Imagine something like this happening in America (9/11 for example). We certainly wanted to exact revenge from those who attacked us and it's hard to fault Israel for striking back especially when you understand just how little the nation they have to defend is. I don't wish violence and/or bloodshed on anyone, but I can't blame a nation for defending itself in this case.

Back to the importance of perspective as we watch world events continue down the road they're on.

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