Well, this is totally unexpected. If you had to guess where the next great hub of technology and innovation were to be, would you guess in the heart of Missouri? That's exactly what has just been predicted.

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There's an interesting new study by 24/7 Wall St looking into places in America that are "emerging as the next Silicon Valley". If Silicon Valley is a new concept to you, that's where the modern technology boom happened in the 1980's leading to where we are now where everyone seems to have a device stuck to their face.

There is some science baked into why certain cities may become technology super centers including how much venture capital is being invested into those areas. In the top 10, you will find a Missouri place and no, it's not St. Louis or Kansas City. It's Columbia, Missouri. 

Columbia, Missouri is chock full of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics workers as they reportedly make up over 5% of the workforce there. Nearly half of the population also has attended college which is not surprising with the University of Missouri right there.

There has also been more than $300 million dollars in venture capital raised in Columbia meaning there are lots of entrepreneurs trying to take the area to the next level with new things.

All of these numbers and data are the reason why the study names Columbia, Missouri as #9 among cities that are becoming the next hot spots for technology and innovation. Quite an accomplishment for a city in the heart of Missouri.

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