I have nothing against Missouri's big cities. Have been to St. Louis and Kansas City a million times in my life and that's only a slight exaggeration. But, if you crave the best 'classic' diner in the state, you don't need to deal with the massive traffic jams in Missouri's metros based on a brand new ranking.

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How does one determine what a classic diner is? I would argue that the red stools and checkerboard floor are mandatory. Having epic milkshakes and burgers are also a must. It appears my priorities are shared by Love Food who just dropped their "America's Best Classic Diners" list. Their choice for Missouri ticks all of the boxes I mentioned above about what makes a diner 'classic'.

For Missouri, they chose this one that you won't find in the big cities of St. Louis or Kansas City.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

They chose the Broadway Diner in Columbia, Missouri as the best 'classic' diner in the state. They describe themselves on Google as "Snug, old-school spot with a vintage vibe & hearty American bites for breakfast & lunch." Vintage vibe is awesome and the shakes rock, too.

The official Broadway Diner website mentions they've been doing the diner lifestyle in Columbia for 60 years. Pro Tip: their old-fashioned floats are your friend. 

I will admit that if I had my way, we'd get that DeLorean up to 88mph and travel back to when all diners were classic. Give me diners like the one on Happy Days anytime.

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