Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Remember I said that cause I have a historic Hannibal home that could be a fixer upper's dream come true or scream depending on your viewpoint.

I personally think there's a lot of good that could be done in this home. It's 514 North Street in Hannibal and was originally built in 1870 according to the information on Here's how the home is described there:

This Italianate home in Hannibal MO with a view of the Mississippi River was built in 1870. It is located just 3 blocks from Hannibal's famed historic revitalized Main Street. Former home of the Schultz Family, local furniture sellers. The property needs complete restoration. Most original detailing and trim are intact. Main staircase needs to be rebuilt. All original railing parts, including newel posts, are present. New 200 amp electric panel. Property has been completely cleaned out. A renovator's dream. Brick is in good condition. Original corbel and eave bracketry, and signature hexagon window are intact. Beautiful woodwork, location near the Mississippi River.

You really need to see the home for yourself to decide if it would make a good project or run away screaming in fear.

Hannibal Fixer Upper Dream or Scream?

It's a 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom home that occupies over 2,900 square feet based on the listing info. Things change since there are new listings being added all the time, but as of right now this home is one of the least expensive homes available in Hannibal with an asking price of $49,900.

I don't have the skills and can't figure out how to fix the latch on the one screen door we have in the home we're in. However, if you or someone you know has mad fixer upper skills, I believe you do do some amazing things with this historic Hannibal home. Check out the full listing for more pics and details.

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