The question of whether or not you should be getting Earthquake insurance if you live in Missouri (especially Southeastern Missouri) all comes down to how big of a gambler you are really.

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There was an earthquake that was felt around the St. Louis area just the other weekend (you can read about it by clicking here!) and of course, when something like that happens it gets us wondering about how safe we are, and how protected are we if a big earthquake does strike us?

According to an article from, only about 12% of houses in the Southeast part of Missouri have earthquake insurance, and in the article, they go on to say...

"The state predicts that if the New Madrid Fault creates an earthquake, there would be a 10% damage rate. We would see things like large cracks in roads, bridges, and other infrastructure damage. That would likely come with a big price tag."

The article goes on to talk about how if your house gets destroyed in an earthquake with insurance you could have a million dollars coming your way, but if you don't have insurance you are on your own, and most insurance companies don't cover earthquakes and won't offer it. To read the complete article for yourself click here! 

So it comes down to the big "IF" if you have earthquake insurance you will be golden, but if you don't you obviously could be in a financial disaster along with the natural disaster, so are you willing to bet there won't be a big earthquake in your time living near the New Madrid Fault? That is the gamble. Personally, I think in our lifetimes we won't experience a house-wrecking earthquake, but I also never imagined in my lifetime I'd deal with a worldwide pandemic, and so I guess never say never right?

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